Beauty, functionality, community…but don’t forget environmental responsibility.

In our building renovation we have implemented some changes that will diminish our carbon footprint.
All of our light bulbs are CFLs, the energy efficient light bulbs.

We have solar panels on our roof, installed to power our solar thermal hot water system, dramatically decreasing our energy consumption.

We have installed dual flush toilets, taking a big step toward water conservation. In case you don’t know, “dual flush” means just that—this technology allows the user to select a short flush for liquids and a long flush for solids, potentially decreasing water usage by more than half.

Our paper towels and toilet paper are 100% recycled. We use a “paper light” record system in our facility. In addition, we use paper that is 35% recycled, while the rest of the paper is from responsibly managed forests.

At Beacon Veterinary Hospital, we are making every effort to be good stewards: of our community, our natural resources, and the people and animals we care so much about.